Phase 1 of Master Plan

River Region Trails Signs Contract With ALTA Planning + Design – Master Planning

River Region Trails is excited to take the next step in developing a greenway network for the City of Montgomery by signing a contract for master planning services with ALTA Planning + Design. River Region Trails, Inc. and its partners have a vision for a regional trail network that would connect residents and visitors of Montgomery. It will be a “trail for all,” providing a ribbon of healthy living, economic growth, quality of life, recreation, and transportation. Along the envisioned loop is Cypress Park, a unique ecological area that is a jewel in Montgomery.

The Park has the potential of providing opportunity for access, education, and conservation. ALTA Planning + Design is a nationally renowned active transportation company that is ‘dedicated to creating active, healthy communities through planning, landscape architecture, engineering, and education/encouragement programs.

A Trail Master Plan will enable residents to contribute to our vision and goals. Residents will have an opportunity to communicate their desires, needs, and concerns so that the future trail meets their needs and has more community buy-in. The master planning process will allow for a team of planners, engineers, and landscape architects to set the design vision and identify feasible trail routing that connects people to destinations.

This process will bring together community leaders, business leaders, recreation groups, City staff, and a wide variety of stakeholders to champion the project, learn about trails, gain insight from each other, accelerate project momentum, and develop a framework for trail implementation. The Master Plan will identify the trail routing but more importantly, it will identify phases of development and priority segment cost estimates, creating a capital improvement project list that can be supported through local, state, federal, and private dollars.

Our goal is for this phase of the project is to take input from the residents, businesses, and government officials to determine where trails should go, not just where they can go. River Region Trails will be announcing the next phase of planning early in 2021 and will be sharing updates of our progress on our website.

For more information about other trail projects that ALTA Planning + Design have worked on please visit their website: